Livery Services

Carole McClelland is now in a position to offer rehabilitation and livery services from her base near North Tawton, Devon




* Spacious stables in an airy, well ventilated barn

* 21m x 41m indoor school with Andrews Bowen surface

* 25m x 50m outdoor school

* horse walker

* lunge pen

* new larger outdoor school coming in summer

* quiet lane/ woods hacking

* wash box with hot water and heat lamps

* heated tackroomfields



Very limited livery spaces so you can be assured that your horse will get the best care and attention.




















Services offered include:89489255_836273790189344_8206700488448540672_n


* Problem solving livery

* Rehabilitation livery:

intensive chiropractic & sports massage treatment

box rest 

post operative care/ convalescence

controlled exercise programmes


horse walker

long reining, lunging, schooling

Working alongside your vet or our own to tailor specific rehab programmes for your horse88098553_825341854615871_1544300210476285952_n

* Bringing horses back into work, fittening work

* Full livery

* Show preparation